A - Z guide to our products & services

A fun guide to almost everything we can do for you


A is for… A7, A6, A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 & beyond…!

We are happy to quote your job at any paper size. At Copy Express ‘A’ sizes are generally used for printing and stationery. It is one size in a series of three set by ISO (International Standards Organisation), the other two being: Series B (posters) and Series C (envelopes).


B is for… Blinding bindings

We can wire and thermal bind mechanically up to and including A3 size while you wait, with a choice of colour wires and thermal spines. All bindings also come complete with a number of choices for colour card back covers and a choice of two acetate coverings too.


C is for… CD & DVD duplication, with labels and cases

We can duplicate up to ten copies of a CD or DVD at the same time using our duplication equipment, each disc comes complete with a choice of hard or soft case, plus we can also print labels for them too, the smooth white matt finish circular labels are a perfect way to brand or label a disc after the process.


D is for… Digital, laser, inkjet & offset printing

The decision to use either digital, laser, inkjet or offset lithography printing, will be decided using a number of factors and discussion, one aspect is colour, if your job requires a PMS colour (Pantone colour Matching System) then Copy Express recommends conventional offset printing, and depending on the job, inkjet printing but if timing is an issue then you may have to opt for laser or digital, we are happy to discuss all the options with you.


E is for… Encapsulation and laminating

Encapsulation and laminating are a plastic coating applied to paper or board to provide protection resulting in a glossy, matt or satin finish, the difference being that encapsulation is a pouch of plastic slightly larger than the artwork, and laminating is flush plus can also be applied to just one side - we are happy to quote on either.