Hello! I'm the Londoner, and I want to tell you all about my great game called COLLECADON™. It's an exciting, diverse board game all about the best city in the world, London! We begin in the Medieval Age and as events unfold add three more boards: the Late Middle Age, the Empire Age and finally the Modern Age, moving through some key dates in our cities illustrious and sometimes dark history! I need your help to collect as much of London as we can before the events run out!

Using your own Cockney token, either a double decker bus or taxi, plus a shared Londoner token; either the Royal Guard, London Bobby or Beefeater, you must buy COLLECADON™ cards from the City Treasury by landing on various squares on all four boards. These cards are split into three collections: Trade, Tourist and Portrait Paintings, making up famous sights of London; Streets, Museums, Sport Stadiums, Theatres, Parks, Famous Londoners, Galleries and more. Every card displays a ‘Little did you know’ about the person or place, plus the Trade and Tourist cards show important keys facts such as: Miles to London, Trade Value or The Year.

Key facts are used in a fun mini game, that begins when any player lands on ‘I’m a Londoner’, giving that player, or sometimes everyone playing, a chance to win COLLECADON™ cards from each other, depending on which one of the three Londoner tokens is currently in play. Plus don't forget to shout "I’m a Londoner" to announce the start of the mini game!

COLLECADON™ includes many real London and world events such as: the building of the first stone London Bridge, Fire & Plague's, a failed Gunpowder Plot, the last Frost Fair, the creation of the Prime Meridian Line, the Great Exhibition and all three London Summer Games, plus so much more! The Event cards create the timeline for my game, informing you when to add the next board as we enter a new Age. Along the way you may have to participate in other contests, such as: The Boat Race or Marathon, plus we may also have to visit Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, St. Barts Hospital, the Royal Parks, Guildhall or even be imprisoned in the Tower!

My game has so much more for you to discover and you'll have hours of fun, with different outcomes every time, plus who knows, you may also learn even more about our fine city! COLLECADON™ is designed for 2-6 players but you can play in teams too and is available to buy now at Copy Express. I look forward to seeing you around the board soon, The Londoner!

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