Image Bank

Do you require an image for your flyer or poster?

Welcome to our image bank page, provided by 123RF, just use the search box below to hunt for that all important image for your flyer, poster or business card. Images are a crucial part of websites, publications and ads too! Once you have found an image just click on it to be re-directed to 123RF's website for your download. We also have an account with 123RF so can buy the images for you too.

There are obvious advantages to sourcing images on the internet but please beware of the potential copyright and image quality problems. If an image is not copyright free then the copyright holder may pursue you for financial compensation or even temporary close your website! The financial penalties could be severe and run in to thousands of pounds. There are now new tools which allow copyright owners to find their image on the web.

The quality of internet images is normally not suitable for us because most web based images are set at 72dpi (dots per inch), and our printers normally require 300dpi to look their best. The best way to avoid these problems is to use a stock photo website.