A - Z guide to our products & services

A fun guide to almost everything we can do for you


K is for… Knowledge of our industry since 1996

Know what a hickey is? Or what DPI means? Problems due to dot gain or spread? Work and Tumble? With over 20 years experience of the photocopying and print industry, you should feel comfortable in knowing your job is in safe hands at Copy Express from inception to completion. But we don’t like to keep all this knowledge to ourselves, and take pride in teaching our customers print terms and the processes we use...

...so a hickey is a dark spot surrounded by a halo that very rarely appears in a printed image nowadays, caused by dust, lint or dried ink. Dot gain or spread is a term used to explain the difference in size between the dot on film vs. paper. And DPI (Dots Per Inch) is the measurement of resolution, generally speaking the higher the dpi the better the image plus the less risk of blurring when enlarging. Not to be mistaken with lines per inch, which is the number of rows of dots per inch in a halftone. And finally work and tumble (or turn) is a method of printing where the sheet is printed on one side and then turned or tumbled from front to rear to print the opposite side.


L is for… Letterhead, compliment slips & all other stationery

Copy Express can offer you the complete stationery set, from Business cards through to Letterheads, on any GSM (grams per square metre) paper weight and any paper, whether it’s bond paper, laser friendly paper, ivory board, recycled paper, watermarked or any other. We can also offer you or your company NCR (No Carbon Required) stationery; this carbonless paper is coated with chemicals and dye which produces copies without the need for carbon paper. Plus many different types of finishing including embossing (an image pressed into paper to create a raised relief, through to thermograph (a raised image imitating die stamping, in which a previously printed image is dusted with a resinous powder before the ink is dry causing the ink and powder to fuse and a raised image is formed) plus many others.


M is for… Monochrome wide format printing

Whether you require monochrome prints same size (S/S), reduced or enlarged from electronic file or hardcopy our wide format service delivers a top quality result in an extremely quick time. Perfect for architect plans (DWG files), landscape drawings, perspectives or elevations. We can scan any size too - all while you wait (black and white and colour also available).


N is for… Nice, (very nice in fact) canvas printing

We can offer a wide range of wide format prints, which also include full colour or monochrome canvas printing. We have printed many canvases for restaurant and bar venues, so why think small - when you can think BIG! Pop in to see some great examples.


O is for… Outstanding same day business cards

We can design and print your business cards in the same day (sometimes even within a couple of hours). Whether you require black and white or full colour cards, Copy Express can offer you quantities from as low as x50 for a price that you won’t believe! A great way to achieve that professional look in a hurry. Perfect for emergencies and start ups that don’t require large print runs or costs.


P is for… PayPal, AMEX, Apple Pay and all other payments

The Copy Express order page allows you to order online from us and then pay via PayPal, we can also send you a PayPal invoice for anything that we quote on. If you don't have a PayPal account then no problem, we still accept cash, all credit cards including AMEX plus Apple Pay and other contactless cards, and can also take card payment over the telephone. We can also send you an invoice for your order too (terms and conditions apply).