Copy Express (London) Ltd is committed to monitoring and, wherever possible, improving the environmental impact at every stage of its design, manufacturing and marketing processes.

We work and will continue to work with suppliers and any sub-contractors to minimise the environmental impact of the energy and materials they use too, below is further insights to some of our efforts so far.

All our waste, including our shredding service, is either recycled or incinerated to produce green heat and electricity, none of our waste goes to landfill! We work closely with our waste collector and they give us a yearly certificate to proudly display on our social media sites to show how well we are doing.

Most clients prefer to collect in person or of course we can responsibly pack and send your order anywhere in the world using UK Postal service or our London based courier company who are highly professional, environmentally friendly and have over 20 years of experience in same day, international plus overnight couriers, and can advise on any country or custom requirements too. We endeavour to minimise plastic packing where possible.

All our standard copier paper is FSC®. Forest Stewardship Council® paper is certified that it has been harvested in a responsible manner and they are an independent, non-government, not-for-profit organisation, established to promote the responsible management of the world's forests.

So that's just a summary of our efforts so far and as time goes on we hope to add more, for example, all our machines switch to a low power mode when not in use and where possible we try to purchase machines which are ENERGY STAR® compliant, meaning our machines use less energy to get the same job done! But as with any of our services or products if you feel there is a better way or more environmental way of producing something please let us know. We strive to keep up our good work so far and of course improve where we can.

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