Stationery Junction

A perfect stop for all your stationery needs

In store we stock a wide range of stationery items, from Pens to Notepads, Envelopes to Mailing Tubes & Jiffy Bags, as well as Lever Arch & Box files, Clip Folders, Plastic Pockets, Sticky Notes, Blu Tack, Tapes, plus lots more!

As with all our services if you can't see what you need in store please just ask and we'll see if our supplier can provide it to us. Most items we always keep in stock: Pens, Pencils & Erasers, Notepads, Lever Arch & other styles of Files, Dividers, Envelopes, Postal Tubes and Jiffy Bags, plus Rubber Bands, Treasury Tags, Tapes, Drawing Pins, Paper Clips, Foldback Clips, Sticky Notes, Tipp-Ex, Glue Stick and Blu Tack.

For printed Stationery (Business cards, Letterheads etc) please click on Offset & Digital.